He is a specialist in gynecology, obstetrics and aesthetic gynecology with over twenty years of professional experience. He has published many scientific papers in the field of gynecological surgery and cosmetic surgery Doctor (Dr.) Raphael Kuźlik received many certificates confirming participation in numerous courses and trainings, both in Poland and abroad, for instance in Germany. What is more, he is also one of the most recommended gynecologists in Poland. M.D (Dr. n.med.) Rafal Kuźlik is the author of the method called “One Cut Technique” – operations of the labia. The technique was recognized at the International Conference of Plastic Gynecology in Rome. Doctor’s patients come from not only different European countries,  but also from Russia, Israel, Qatar, Japan. The doctor speaks fluently in English.

Opinions about the carried out procedures and high-quality services are regularly published on many portals and online forums. He is often invited as an expert to the television and radio programs, or asked about his opinion in the newspapers which publication’s interest is focused on surgeries of female private parts. He has participated in a project which was implemented in Dr. Szczyt’s Department of Plastic Surgery by TVN Style. During the “Secrets of the surgery” he consulted patients and conducted operations in the field of  Aesthetic & Plastic Gynecology.

Dr. Raphael Kuźlik carries out treatments in the field of Aesthetic & Plastic Gynecology as well as oncoplastical breasts’ operations. He provides his patients with the highest quality of medical services and high level of comfort and safety during carried out treatments. He is one of the most respected specialists in Poland, as well as the undisputed authority in the field of gynecology. With extensive knowledge and above-average professional qualifications he can offer his patients international standard of ginecological and obstetric services..